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Database Performance Tuning

The directCHECK Performance Analysis is the comprehensive reference guide to the health of a database. Though a database may be operational and performing adequately, there are often ways to improve this performance. The first step is an analysis that goes beyond threshold alerting and ad-hoc observation. The directCHECK investigates performance across a customer-defined period of time and across the database environment. Using dbaDIRECTs ONguard Platform and expert resources, key factors are analyzed generating concrete performance recommendations. The result is the ability to leverage existing infrastructure for increasing data demands.

A Comprehensive Health Checkup for Accurate Diagnosis

A trip to the doctor does not just focus on individual symptoms. True diagnosis requires an historical evaluation and a look at all of the vital signs as a whole. The same holds true for the database. A directCHECK assesses not only obvious symptoms but potential performance improvements by evaluating the following database factors:

  • CPU Utilization (OS & Database)
  • Memory Utilization (OS & Database)
  • Paging Frequency
  • Backups
  • File System Space Utilization
  • File System I/O Utilization
  • Object Space Utilization
  • Object Fragmentation
  • Error Log Activity
  • SQL Tuning




Targeted Recommendations for Database Performance Tuning & Optimization

The analysis is designed to achieve actionable results. Targeted recommendations are produced and presented to organizations to fix, enhance and improve database performance. dbaDIRECT draws on over a decade of experience in managing databases to align the analysis to specific improvement actions. The recommendations are designed to be implemented by internal resources or with dbaDIRECT’s ONdemand Services. Contact us

dbaDIRECT also offers a variety of database project services that can compliment your performance analysis. For More Details check: Database Projects