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dbaDIRECT for Managing Technology

It’s no surprise or secret how significantly and quickly technology advances, allowing people and organizations to accomplish more. In the database field, it’s no different. However, with advancement comes complexity, as efficiency and capabilities grow. Taking advantage of and implementing these technologies requires an ever-growing skill set.

For over 10 years, dbaDIRECT has consistently managed and maintained databases with the highest skill set possible. Despite the intricacies that are in nearly every upgrade and change, dbaDIRECT has kept pace and followed the technological advancements closely behind, creating some of its own in the process. dbaDIRECT can help organizations utilize all of the latest database management tools, including Oracle EBS and Exadata.

It’s no secret: dbaDIRECT’s certified Oracle teams and Microsoft SQL Server business solution experts fill the demand where training, planning, experience and precision execution are critical to a projects successful outcome. Contact us and learn about how our people and technology can help you.

Oracle’s e-Business Suite (Oracle Applications or Oracle EBS) offers one of the most comprehensive sets of integrated business applications. Just like Oracle database systems, Oracle Applications requires detailed attention and expert skills in order for it to be maintained properly and working to peak performance.

  • Continuous Service Assurance for Oracle Applications
  • ONdemand for Oracle Applications
  • Projects for Oracle Applications

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Getting your Oracle projects on the right track from the beginning takes special planning, preparation and skills to ensure a flawless implementation. Our Oracle specialized teams receive advance training and are experienced in all facets of complex project delivery, as well as exceptional customer service to make it easier for you. You will enjoy 24×7 access to Oracle experts and our renowned 15-minute response time, 24×7 monitoring and alerts, flexible services, dedicated Oracle specialists familiar with your system, and Standard Operating Procedures customized to your organization’s specific requirements. This is available with the following Oracle specialized services:

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dbaDIRECT’s Microsoft SQL Server consulting services will provide you with the end-to-end database and business intelligence support that will keep your SQL Server environments up-to-date, sharp, and smart. You can rely on dbaDIRECT to effectively leverage our experience with the suite of tools starting with SQL Server 2000 through 2008, including SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), to ensure your database environments are always performing at their peak.

  • Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence Suite
  • End-to-End Microsoft SQL Server Consulting Services

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